Do you remember when your passion for photography has awakened? Maybe while on Holiday because “that sunset was really beautiful” or because your girlfriend was willing to show a bit more skin than usual and you found yourself having an “artistic” soul?

Stories vary a little but key points always stay the same. In my case it was holiday in Thailand with bought on eBay used Nikon d3300 walking around and annoying people with my camera, giving out quite a common vibe of young tourists with camera there - Self-assured soon to be professional photographer thinking it’s my time to make £££ on YouTube videos and amazing shots while traveling the world not thinking to ever do full-time job again.  (Needless to say, still working in hospitality, still didn’t make a penny, also for anyone not aware of the fact - photography can become a very expensive hobby with in most cases very little to no return). Also, Let’s be honest it’s most likely that your photo as much as seemed amazing piece of art too you weren’t actually that great in eyes of, well, everybody else.

Nonetheless, after very sad conclusion that I probably won’t get rich on that my fascination hasn’t stopped, and few months on started progressing quite dramatically gaining what I believe is called “photographer’s eye” (don’t quote me on it - have no f***  idea if that’s a thing). If your story is any similar few months in you probably started noticing that reflection in a puddle or a window, different angles to take the same photo from, those shadows that would really help with composition, the importance of foreground and much more.  You also came to realization off something that everyone else already knew - That mentioned at start holiday photo... shit, wasn’t it?

Then you take a dip, no more progress, you don't see that step up from photo you’ve made three months ago, also quite doubtful that going for another trip in your local park will produce anything even touch more interesting than you took so far. Where you go from there? That's puzzle project -  the idea of drilling and getting the most out of one subject/concept/idea to push my as much creativity as an understanding of camera, how to work it, different lenses, working with photoshop, equipment lightning and really everything that revolves around photography.

Why Puzzles? How much creative thought was put into it and what artistic influence got me to pick that as a subject? Well, funny enough that’s going to get very disappointing really quickly while showing any complete lack of creativity. Truth be told had a domain bought for something completely different that never came to see daylight. Call me cheap, lazy, it worked as well as anything else probably would. As much as the whole thing started very innocently with rubber duck toy stolen from my pet ferret named Albert (Check out his Photos HERE) and a blank sheet of puzzles. From there it went to little figurine I found at work, few more puzzles, water bottle, £15 LED ring and about 14 hours of my worthless time - tend to believe that this little home project in my room got things moving and the project was born.


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