Toilet Paper "Art"

So yeah, the all happened and before

i am gonna get to the point let me rage to myself a little for next few sentences before I get to the point ...

(Rage begins....)

Stuck at home, pretty shocked how it all went from one week everybody thinking it doesn’t involve them to “oh fuck - need to buy all toilet paper I possibly can“. To start with - no dipshit, you don’t need all the loo-roll and if you did buy it out I truly hope the government will make you eat every single piece of whatever you have left of it once all of this is over (Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine average dickhead Joe with a mouth full of toilet paper, tears coming out of his eyes, trying to fit another piece of loo-roll in his mouth - Bit drastic? If you think that’s harsh try to remember it’s probably this same guy that cleaned up the shelves from food as well hence NSH staff, elders, vulnerable couldn’t any food for the last few days. Not that drastic anymore? Great, let’s start from the beginning - close your eyes, while you imagine him having his daily meal dress him up in little ballerina dress, run your imagination wild - it’s fun. Another photography unrelated thought that struck me was when I went to Sainsbury's for the first time yesterday and it was quite funny seeing people buying all that fruit, kale… wait what? What kind of animal buys kale? Would even know what to do with it?

It feels a little bit like seeing people preparing for their NYE resolutions that they are going to give up on sooner than they think, cannot wait to see for their next challenge is trying not to drink before midday.

(Back to the photography subject)

The rage above made me come up with - Toilet paper-related "Art" (In Brakets as still not confident that's really art, saying that that banana duck-taped to the wall sold for £120K so who knows). It's free to download unlike actual toilet paper which price is sky-rocketing, with intention of taking a piss from all above mentioned dipshits. Nevermind keeping me occupied and another creative challenge which I need now. Saying that I am on my last two rolls so not sure how many more shoots of toilet roll will all be able to take before time/paper runs out..... (Laughing on the outside while on inside realizing that my shower head doesn’t reach the cubical)

If interested in getting involved create something end send it through to me, will put it on the page. If you don't, you think I should take it down... well, not happening, already spent £1.99 on the domain and never getting that money back.

Also, if you do any better then most do consider donating some money to UK Food Banks, any pound will help - all the links to do that are on the page.

Keep safe, stay creative and #STAYTHEFUCKHOME



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